Monday, October 3, 2011

Lab 2 at St. Marys School

The second time at St. Marys was a very fufilling experience. Being that it was the second time for us college students, I feel we were all more involved since we were a little more comfortable than the first day we were there. Many of the children recognized us and were excited to see us and participate in our activities. What is great to see is how excited they were to play the games that we have created ourselves; it's one of the first times that I have had a first hand experience for exactly how teaching is going to be. I have been a camp councelor and assistant coach before and while these experiences have prepared me for my future, I know that the experiences I have at St. Marys will prepare me even further.

In this lab assessed the students on their hopping, running, and galloping skills. Now that I am on the other side of the "clipboard", it makes sense to me as to why my own physical education teachers provided the games that they did. To the students, it seems like a game...but to the teacher we are focusing in on the students and their affective, cognitive and psychomotor skills. I enjoy providing the students with games that they not only enjoy participating in but ones that help me see which skills each student needs help with. While some of the students are as young as three years old, its a great feeling being able to help them correct their skills and even greater to see improvement from them.

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