Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ped 201

This is my first blog ... took me a while to figure it out but I think its a new and interesting way for a class to get involved with one another. This summer break I was a camp counselor for an adventure camp as well as a part time employee at Planet Fitness. I traveled to a new location each day with the camp and we took part in many different activities and sports such as kayaking, rock climbing, swimming, ice skating, and much more. While working at Planet Fitness I was involved in selling gym memberships as well as helping gym users become familiar with easy to use gym equipment. These jobs will help make me a better physical education teacher because of my involvement with middle school students, as well as being in judgement-free environment that was geared towards general fitness while working at at gym.

While I was not registered for class on the first day, today on 8/31 we watched a video regarding child abuse and for the lab today we took a tour of St. Marys school where we will be volunteering.