Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Excellence Through Enthusiasm - Lab 3 at St. Mary's School

Lab 3 was a superhero theme, allowing the students and our lab group to use our imaginations to the full extent. Each game prepared was superhero themed, which was fun for us to bring back our own memories as kids :) I provided a dancing-cool down exercise where I lead the group through different exercises that were great for cardio. I played an upbeat song and did different moves such as kicking, jumping jacks, punching, etc. and had everyone follow my lead. When the music stopped, I had everyone freeze in a superman pose. The children were definitly tired at the end of the day but this is what proves that each of our activities are working towards achieving the goal we want; and that is to keep the kids engaged, physically active, and to make sure they are having fun.

Lab 3

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