Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last week I attended the professional portfolio showcase that was held in Park Center. At the showcase, there were about a dozen graduating students who were selected to display their portfolios because of their high quality of work along with an outstanding exit interview that is a required part of the Physical Education curriculum here at SUNY Cortland. I got a chance to look through many of my peers portfolios and get ideas of how to enhance my own. I was truly proud and excited for them being that they were all familiar faces I have seen around campus and it feels great knowing that this school prepares us all so well for what we have in store for our futures. I will be graduating in 3 semesters and I hope to display the same qualities as some of these students because they clearly all worked so hard to get to where they are right now and it truly is inspiring!

I am currently working on my electronic professional portfolio. As I complete more courses that relate to the specific standards I will continue to add more work to this. I have been looking at many other portfolios to get ideas of how to make mine stand out!

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