Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lab 4 at St. Mary's - Halloween !

This week at St. Mary's we kept the energy from Halloween and brought it with us throughout our lessons. My classmates and I all dressed up and the students really got a kick out of it. The entire time they tried to guess what each of our costumes were and it was a way for them to see us as inviting, fun individuals rather than their instructors. Sometimes dressing silly and showing the children that we can have fun and be productive at the same time is the best way to go. There were a lot of great activities played today and its always nice to get ideas and advice from fellow classmates. My game was a success which made me very pleased especially because I came up with the game on my own with some help from my lab TA Justen. The name of my game is "Ghost Hunters" and the object of the game is for the good ghosts (or Caspers) to make it through the "cemetery", capture as many people (bean bags) as they could, and bring them back to their side. The obstacle was within the cemetery, where there were several Ghost Hunters trying to tag the Caspers. If the Caspers got tagged before getting to the other side, they had to return to the starting point. There was a lot of running involved in this game and it tired the children out which is something that I want to see so that I know they are getting their exercise while enjoying themselves. The game ended once all of the "people" were saved from the other side.

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